What is a Fresh Food Diet and Why are People Choosing it For Their Pets?

 Paul’s Custom Pet Food is a company that aims to educate pet owners and keep pets healthier than ever! Pet food is a popular topic of conversation these days as more people become educated on what our pets need to be healthy and nourished. One company, Paul’s Custom Pet Food, Read more…

Massachusetts Musician Calls His Dog Product Company His “Hit Song” for a Reason! 

Growing apparel and lifestyle company based in Atlanta, GA focuses on our best friends…. our DOGS! Musicians are always looking for and trying to think of the next big hit, the song that will make them the big bucks! As it turns out, life will continue to surprise you with Read more…

Meal Replacement Bar For Dogs?! 

Dog product gurus out of Denver, CO create an easy way to feed your pup on your next adventure!

So, it all started when one of the owners of Pet Treater, Vantha, and I were talking about a video we saw. In the video, a young active woman was at the top of the mountain after a long hike, and she opened a bag of kibble and fed it to her dog. We thought, “Yea right, like she hiked to the top of that mountain with a 50 lb bag of food,” laughingly. This led the conversation to, “there should be a meal replacement bar for dogs.” It turns out there is one, and we interviewed the company to give you an inside look!

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