Cats are truly sweet pets that love all the time, but show it in THEIR own sweet time. We say if it’s good for the Cat we want some of that–let’s see why they make such great pets!

So what is it exactly about cats that make them great pets and companions? Let’s explore the inner workings of our feline fur babies! Time to read some furtastic findings:

  • Believe it or not, it actually can cost less to take care of cats then our sweet doggiesAccording to the ASPCA, cats usually help save more cash in your wallet compared to medium to large sized dogs. Less food, less toys and less grooming (because no one does it better than they do themselves)! In this instance, guess size does matter!
  • Hey, they love kids too and honestly they are good for children.  They interact very well together and definitely compliment as companion animals on many levels.  After all, the sounds of a warm purr are actually soothing for us humans—very therapeutic!, states that cats help during traumatic times and help children combat allergies early on in life!
More than meets the MEOW are these amazing pets!
  • Big or small spaces, cats are easily adaptable.  That makes them ideal for being good mousers in the country and purrific in small apartments!  Wow, that’ s a great thing!
  • Less guilt from these felines—they are pretty independent! Don’t get us wrong, when they want something, they want it….but if you are gone for hours, no major guilt trips or “puppy dog eyes” from these whiskery kids when you return home!
  • Low maintenance?  Why, yes they are!  Cats often get a bad rap for being finicky and particular.  So how is that a bad thing—I mean we are particular in the treats we give our Pet Treater pets?  Anyways, cats don’t require much to be sustainable, for instance no 7 walks a day for them and they are usually pretty good for awhile with some water and food and a little pet here and there.
  • If you have that need for a playful side….cats have got you covered!  Most cats are quite playful!  Sources sometimes say, that due to not hunting for their food daily, they have energy in abundance stored up.  Ever wonder why they are up at 3 a.m. pouncing on your head? Nocturnal hunting is still in their “fur”…. Visit Pet Treater to get some amazing toys for your cat, it provides so much fun!
  • These gorgeous pets can live for a long time.  This gives us the opportunity to have a wonderful fur friend for many years!  The gift that keeps on giving!  It is comforting to know that your cat can live on average 10-12 years.
  • Intelligence is NOT lost on them!  Per Animal Planet, cats are constantly learning and have an excellent memory.  I need that because I never remember why I walked into a room!  Only problem is a cat never forgets, typically, so be good to your sweet fur baby–Always!
  • Purrs to your health!  Research shows cats provide for a great health checklist: make excellent companion animals, check….good for your blood pressure, check….said to be good for reducing the possibility of issues with heart attacks, check.  Of course, no promises are made, and we are not doctors, but we do know that pets are good for the soul and heart!
  • They are just absolutely ADORABLE! This one is obvious, for obvious reasons.  Cats are adorable, beautiful, playful, graceful and highly intelligent.  We all should have a cat in our life at least once….but be very pawful, there is a chance you will never stop wanting one once you have loved one!
Never a dull moment!
Now don’t think this means we don’t love our sweet dogs, cause we do! We just want those precious cats to know that the love they give is something we need and we are thankful for–every day and in every way! Remember, thank your pet today and give him or her some Pet Treater treats–order away!

As Always Many Paws,

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