Paul’s Custom Pet Food is a company that aims to educate pet owners and keep pets healthier than ever!

Pet food is a popular topic of conversation these days as more people become educated on what our pets need to be healthy and nourished. One company, Paul’s Custom Pet Food, not only focuses on that education, but also on making high quality fresh food for your pets. As a continuously curious person, I couldn’t wait to talk with Lynn, one of the founders, to learn more about this fresh food company.

Lynn and Paul attribute his survival to the fresh food diet and herbal medicines he was on.

Paul’s Custom Pet Food started 7 years ago when Paul and Lynn’s beloved furry family member, Hunter, was diagnosed with cancer. Their veterinarian developed a diet and prescribed herbal medicine for Hunter. He is now cancer free and youthful, even at over 10 years old. Lynn and Paul attribute his survival to the fresh food diet and herbal medicines he was on. With an experience like this, it is no surprise that Paul and Lynn are now pursuing this as a business venture, providing fresh foods to pets all over!

So, what is a fresh food diet, and what is the difference between the food made by Paul’s Custom Pet Food and the food you buy at a store?


  • Paul’s fresh food is just that, fresh and locally sourced whenever possible. It contains quality ingredients fit for human consumption.
  • Paul’s Custom Pet Food works directly with veterinarians and pet nutritionists to make food for dogs that may have health issues. A customized fresh food diet for your pet is also different from store bought food in that food can be tailored specifically for your pet’s needs.

What are the benefits of Fresh Food for pets?

dogs are generally omnivores that require meat and vegetables in their diet.

According to Lynn, dogs are generally omnivores that require meat and vegetables in their diet. Because the average store-bought pet food is highly processed, very starchy and grain heavy, anytime you can add local, grass fed quality meats and organic vegetables to your pet’s diet, the better. (See this ASPCA link for foods you should never feed your pets).

Although feeding your pets fresh food may be better for them, it can also be time consuming and expensive.  You can start at home gradually by adding fresh meat to their kibble, or by purchasing toppers made by Paul’s Custom Pet Food.   It is important to note that unless Paul’s Custom Pet Food is working with a veterinarian or nutritionist, the food is meant to be an enhancement to dry food, not a complete meal. You can reference the Paul’s Custom Pet Food website for more details.

These are just a few reasons a fresh food diet might be beneficial for your pets:

  • You are in control of the ingredients. You know where the food comes from.
  • You avoid risk that the store bought food will contain harmful ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, etc.
  • You can choose all human grade ingredients
  • Some research has shown that fresh food increases the overall well-being of your pet
  • You do not have commit 100%. You can add fresh food up to 25% of daily calories to kibble and see a difference in your pet’s energy level, coat, and eyes.

Paul’s ships its fresh-frozen toppers throughout the Northeast and also offers dog cookies to customers throughout the U.S.

Keep an eye out for a new line of dehydrated, single-ingredient treats rolling out later this year.

Some companies Paul’s Custom Pet Food supports through its products:

Bob’s Red Mill 

Farmers Market Foods Organic Pumpkin

Nordic Naturals Pet Collection 

Open Farm: Ethically Raised & Sourced Pet Food  

Bell and Evans Chicken

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