A.L.S and Autism awareness all year long!

May is A.L.S. (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) Awareness Month, but we at Pet Treater never lose sight of this throughout the year.  We are so privileged to know many organizations and companies that give part to assisting and supporting awareness of A.L.S. and autism and other disabling needs in life.  Pet Treater is very excited to share a company that started their not-for-profit company for many good reasons.

Give it a watch and see their Good Reasons!

What are those pretty good reasons?

Good Reasons, a division of Community Based Services, Inc., is an example of giving for the sake of giving.  Vicki Sylvester and famed Chef, Allan Katz, a graduate of CIA (Culinary Institute of America) developed the concept of Good Reasons: good treats, good cause, good reasons to support.  Vicki, “an advocate for the disabled community merged her love of animals to create a company that supports an integrated workforce.”  Chef Allan is the mastermind behind the flavorings that so many dogs enjoy—trial and error and yummy taste tests lead him to his flavoring picks! People helping dogs, dogs helping people–great recipe for success!

Team Gleason is an amazing foundation on a mission to educate and provide for those with A.L.S. This month Good Reasons, is giving back to help. To see more on this foundation, visit Team Gleason.

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Give towards this great cause-Shop GOOD REASONS today! USE code: ALS to get 10% off!

What does “integrated workforce” mean exactly?

Good Reasons works with all ability types, employees earn no less than the standard minimum wage in NY which is $12.00 per hour and many considerably higher.  There is versatility in divisions, they are given the opportunity to try various positions to further their knowledge and to have fun.  Good Reasons also provides free job coaching which includes 1 on 1 teaching skills and learning. This all means, that these individuals are integrated into the every day work force at Good Reasons, not segregated and limited! That is pretty furtastic if you ask us!

How people and pets make a difference….together!

So how does all this relate to our sweet pets?

Without Good Reasons and their human-grade dog treats, this integrated work system would not be present for Community Based Services, Inc. or all those pawesome employees.  Currently there are 30-35 employees on the production end for Good Reasons with more in administration and accounting.  Proceeds go back into educating employees with all ability types, and to help create sustainable goals for each employee.  They participate in many events throughout the year that not only give back to those with disabilities such as A.L.S. and autism, but also our sweet pets.  They work with the SPCA, do walk-a-thons, tons of summer events which allow their employees to get out and meet the public and help with social skills at their company booths!

Made with your dog in mind!

Dog Treats: human-grade? What does that mean?

In a nutshell, we as humans can eat their dog treats…and I have it on good authority from Kelly at Good Reasons that the treats are “fully edible, although we humans would probably prefer it with some salt”.  Some other great highlights to these tasty treats for our dogs and conscience-minded pet parents: 100% made and sourced in the USA, out of New York, and they are registered with the Department of Agriculture and have the proper mandated shelf-life required for this standard.

Good Reasons reminds us why pets and people work!

It is evident in speaking with Kelly, one of the amazing employees in the wholesale division who was kind enough to share a moment of her time speaking about a company she is very proud to be a part of, that a strong love of dogs and human-well being goes a long way. It is a system that has been working for Good Reasons since 2014 and they show no sign of stopping! As our days get hectic it is nice to know that with a simple health-minded dog treat purchase you help animals and humans alike!

Look for more info in June as Pet Treater is hosting our annual Facebook auction for another great non-profit organization and Good Reasons is kindly donating some treats for you to bid on and help give back to our beloved animals!

Meet Tucker, the COO (The Chief Odorable Officer) as he is known to steal your heart with his adorable eyes!

Click here to learn more about Good Reasons and why and how they do what they do, or to place an order click treatshop.

As always much paws,

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