We have an off-fur you simply can’t refuse! Pawtastic deals for you that help support Brown Dog Foundation (BDF)! 

Hey there pet enthusiasts!  We heard that there was a paws-mazing non-profit that needed some support—so Pet Treater got together some fun-filled and useful products for you to enjoy that will give 100% of the net proceeds to Brown Dog Foundation (BDF)!  That’s right, we said 100%, so buy for yourself, your amazing fur baby or give as a gift to someone you love.

Why Pet Treater wants to Treat Pets and Brown Dog Foundation!

Pet Treater is an avid supporter of this pet-advocate non-profit organization.  The testimony of the founder, Carol Smock and Chip (her beloved dog), and the heart-filled stories of pets that have been saved is really why we do what we do here and why BDF does what they do.  You will see that we measure success one tail wag or purr at a time at Pet Treater, and know it is important to take care of our pets!  Without the support and fundamentals of organizations like BDF, many pet parents would have no options for their ill or injured pets.

Carol Smock, the Founder of Brown Dog Foundation

Take the time to get to know this organization, Brown Dog Foundation and see how and why over the last 12 years they have successfully been able to help many families and their pets.

You purr-chase items everyday, so throughout the month of MAY at Pet Treater you can put that money to work…..towards pets!

As consumers, we purchase items every single day, why not make this purchase count towards the health and well-being of an irreplaceable pet?? Our Pet Treater shop does all the work for you!

Easy to treat, many choices to choose from!

We made it an even sweeter deal for you—our fundraising effort will run for the entire month of May and you can see products as they arrive at our Pet Treater shop.  With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just around the corner, this just makes sense!

Choose from pawesome T-shirts to practical and healthy pet treats, crazy socks and pet toys for hours of pet-loving fun or treat yourself or another sweet pet parent with a monthly subscription!

We thank you for your love of pets and your support!

Thanks for joining us for the month of May and for supporting Brown Dog Foundation! Remember to share with all your friends and family too! 

As always, many paws to you!

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