If you’re an outdoorsy type of person and a pet lover, you may be considering how to mix the two together and enjoy outdoor activities safely with your dog this year. 

Obviously, some sports are not suitable to have your furry friend tag along on. But a few that are perfect for both humans and pets to enjoy and bond over. 

Here are some interesting sports that you can enjoy with your pets in 2022! While most of them are catered towards dogs, you can definitely get creative and make a plan for your cats, horses, horses, and farm animals! 

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Canicross is a unique sport that requires excellent teamwork between an owner and their loyal dog. It’s ideal for you if you enjoy cross-country, and if your dog is an active pooch who loves to run. 

You and your dog will team up against other dog-and-human pairs in this race. Usually, your dog will be tethered to you by a waist harness, which is why this sport is also known as “urban mushing” – dogs pulling their humans along! 

It’s a good idea to train for a bit before getting into this competitively with your pup. When they get excited and pull on that leash, you feel like you’re flying across the ground! Definitely best for experienced cross-country runners and their enthusiastic dogs. 

Stand-Up Paddleboarding 

If your dog is a little more relaxed, stand-up paddleboarding could be a lovely sport for the two of you to partake in and bond over. 

Simply sit your pup on your board, making sure they’re near the middle and that their weight works with yours to center the weight across the board. 

Take a slow, easy paddle until your dog gets used to the motion. If they’re panicking, you might want to sit on your board and hold them for a while until they feel more comfortable. 

Don’t allow your pet on your board without a life jacket! Keep them safe and remember to pack an extra towel to dry them off if they do happen to fall in or take a swim. 

Disc Dog 

This fun and funky sport is basically frisbee with a twist. There are two different ways you can do this sport with your pup. 

Firstly, Toss and Fetch give you 60 seconds to toss as many discs as you can, as far as you can. Your dog will get points for each disc that they catch. 

Secondly, Freestyle is a more complicated type of competition. This is usually choreographed, set to music, and involves your fluff doing tricks with the disc. It requires a  bit more time and training than Toss and Fetches, and you’re scored on agility, style, and catches. 

If your dog loves playing fetch with the frisbee, this is an excellent way to channel that energy into something fun and worthwhile. 

Agility Training 

Agility training is an excellent way of keeping active dogs fit and happy! Both dog and owner are very much involved in the sport, with the owner guiding their excited pup through the course. 

This is best for high-energy, working dogs who enjoy having a purpose to fulfill. You will definitely need to spend time training your dog to do this. The good news is that it’s easy to set up a makeshift agility course in your backyard to practice! 

By the way, did you know that you get agility training for cats too? If you have an active cat who needs an outlet for their energy or you just want to bond over a sport,  introducing them to cat agility is a great idea.

Just like dog agility, you’ll guide them through an obstacle course that requires agility and flexibility. They’re judged on their skill level and speed as they move through the course. This could be the most fun way to bond with the cat that you’ve ever tried! 


Pets don’t need to be relegated to the home! With these exciting sports, you can enjoy outdoor, active time with your pets while being surrounded by nature. Don’t forget to keep both yourself and your pet safe. If you’re in the water, make sure you’re both wearing a life jacket. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen

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Jordan Fuller is a golfer and an animal lover. When he’s not on the course or spending time with his pets, he’s writing for his own website, Golf Influence

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