Let’s name them, let’s love them, let’s enjoy them! It is Christmas time and we know that many have enjoyed the company of a sweet new fur baby in the home this holiday season! We made a LIST and we checked it TWICE just to make sure not too naughty, but mostly nice Christmas Pet Names:

For DOGS or CATS: names really need to identify with your fur baby! Get creative and make sure you refer to their personality too!

  1. Angel: This is pretty self explanatory, but white and sweet would fit the bill here.
  2. Bing: White Christmas with Bing Crosby, synonymous with the holiday season.
  3. Bailey: George Bailey, the protagonist of the perennial festive flick It’s a Wonderful Life.
  4. Charlie Brown: One of the MOST popular cartoons for the holiday season. The boy with a wonderful heart and the dog that loves him.
  5. Chestnut: Roasting the chestnuts, warm and brown, so great for a brown fur baby.
  6. Comet: Santa’s reindeer and dog or cat with great spirit.
  7. Hope: A great name showing persistence and hope, something we all need more of.
  8. Joy: What we need in our heart and that continues to bring happiness
  9. Max: Grinch’s canine companion, and always wanting to PLAY.
  10. Mittens: You can name a fur baby who warms your heart after gloves that keep your hands warm.
  11. Mistletoe: For a doggie or kitty who loves to give kisses and love!
  12. Natalie: Name that means Christmas day.
  13. Ralphie: From A Christmas Story, you will poke your eye out, for the rebellious pet(s)!
  14. Snoopy: see “Charlie Brown”.
  15. Toy: Tiny dog or cat, a wonderful gift under the tree is a fun toy that brings some cheer.
Checking the Name List, better be nice!!!

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE NAME TO SHARE: Let us know by taking a fur baby picture and sharing @pettreater with a fun holiday/Christmas name for a fur baby!

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We wish all your fur babies and you a VERY MERRY holiday season and a great 2021!

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