Let’s Get Crafty and Let’s “Pup”-cycle some stuff!

Do you have some old containers, some that are just the perfect size for cat or dog treats or pet food? Are you big on recycling? Or, do you just want to give yourself something fun to do, with little to no expense, that will be a treat for you and your fur baby!

Picture, Courtesy of Tidy Mom

Here are some simple steps to encourage some fun up-cycling:

  • Pick a canister or container: that works for your needs, maybe a couple if you are doing both food and treats. It is important to have your treats and food stored in containers with lids if possible. Helps with freshness and to keep critters and bugs out of them. Old tins make THE best as they are typically airtight and easy to store.
  • Paint the canister: Got some left over paint stored up? Let’s use it up. Make it your own and cover up any branding. Do NOT paint the lid. Let the first paint coat dry.  You will probably need to give the canister a second coat of paint depending on the colors you choose and the color of the tin
  • NOW paint the Canister LID: Choose a second color of paint that you will use for the lid and for the lettering in the next step.  Paint the lid exterior and allow to dry.  Give it a second coat if needed. You don’t have to paint it a different color, but it may add some fun! Don’t paint the interior of the lid as this will make it difficult to open and close the canister and it will also open up the chance of paint flaking and falling in your pet food which you certainly do not want.
  • Personalize: Now you can use the same color paint that you used on the lid to personalize the canister.  You can write anything from, “CAT FOOD”, to “dog bones,” or even add the animal’s name and a fun image like a paw print or bone.

We hope you enjoy this easy, DIY dog food storage and cat food storage idea. We think it is great because it uses materials you probably have on hand already to make something you probably need. Let’s be pet friendly and earth friendly, Up-Cycling rocks!

We also found a fun idea for creating a Dog Food or Cat food dispenser just using plastic containers!

Video courtesy of Home Ideas

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