Normally, in the mountainous state of Tennessee, our Great Smoky Mountains are already in full fledged hiking mode, often with a fur baby in tow–or dragging us, whichever the case may be.

May 2020 is proving to be a very adventurous month for many reasons. We look forward to our amazing national forests to be reopened and enjoyed. I love to look out our windows and see the amazing mountains, colors, and of course the “smoky” on top of the mountains.

Video Courtesy Great Smoky Mountain National Park


Part of the reason for the beautiful and mystical smoke that encompasses the Smoky Mountains is the vegetation exhaling volatile organic compounds: (chemicals that have a high vapor pressure and easily form vapors at normal temperature and pressure). Also, natural fog is a big part of it too–and much easier to understand.

Whatever the reason for that smoke, we love to enjoy it and we love it so much, we decided to share a bit of the Great Smoky Mountains with our “pack” customers this month!


Virtual Hikes may just be another way for you to experience the Great Smoky Mountains if you can’t be here in person (although we strongly encourage it). With so many trails/hikes to choose from you can never go wrong.

With winding trails, amazing calming waterfalls and peaceful sounds, and the occasional black bear cub with her mama, there is so much to see and enjoy. Many come to celebrate our amazing hiking trails and seem to be in awe of the grander.

Video Courtesy of Ken Wendt

Being a National Park offers so much: camping, hiking, time with family, picnics, history and a great place to take your fur baby!

And, let’s not forget Dolly, she is an absolute favorite when people think about the Great Smoky Mountains. We are very thankful for her love of animals and the foundations that she donates to to help save animals. Dolly Parton has our heart here in Eastern Tennessee and here at Pet Treater.

Not part of the Pet Treater “pack” yet, come and check us out, we have great southern hospitality waiting for you!

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Many purrs and barks,

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