Thanks to we have a day FULLY devoted to cooking for our pets, November 1st. We of course think that with the month of November being the month of thanksgiving, that we can GIVE a few more days to our fur babies.

Let’s toss the “tinned” food and dry pebbles (let’s face it, often times they look like rocks), and bring on the gourmet….they have earned it.

As with anything you do that requires change, even temporary change, do it gradually and do not OVER do it! For example:

  • If your pets have any sort of health condition, consult a vet before feeding them anything new
  • Don’t change their diet overnight, whether a temp change or permanent change, gradual introduction is crucial for them to stay eating consistently and to not have digestive issues. For example, going strictly to a raw diet. Mix old food with new until eventually the new overtakes the old!
  • Save the seasoning for the HOOMANS. Pets do not need oregano, pepper, salt, thyme and all the spices divine. And their stomachs don’t either.

Some yummy, fun and easy recipes!

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of Rebecca Brand

Make the best of your fur time with your babies, let them get into the thick of things too! Our puppy loves to be under our feet when we cook….sometimes they are the best food samplers too!

BE SURE TO FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM we will be doing several giveaways throughout November–it is our way of giving thanks to our Pet Treater pack!

Have a Thankful Thanksgiving,

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