Getting your cat to use the litter box has its challenges…….

I had one cat that practically trained himself. My other kitty, well, he often peed on everything when he got mad. Maybe he was trained, but just a defiant kid!! Who really knows! We wanted to give some ideas on some of the best and easiest ways to help train your cat to use the litter box, because no one likes a surprise spray!

No litter box training today….PLEASE!


  1. First thing is first, the LITTER box itself: You need to make sure it makes sense for you. Do you share if you have multiple cats, or do they each get their own–how many is too many/how many is NOT enough? Are they high aimers? We have looked over many boxes and while I have not used this brand with my cats specifically, this one came highly recommended from Nature Miracle. I would make sure you have a surround on top of your litter box to help with excessive litter flying and pee too! Make sure the material is what you want too–and KEEP IT CLEANED all the time!
  2. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Make sure you have a good location, one that your cat knows is for them area wise and that they can ALWAYS get to. So if you have a 2 story home, maybe 2 boxes will work out best?
  3. To start the training: You should place your pet in the litter box after naps, meals, play sessions, and whenever you think he/she appears inclined to “go.” Keep this up during the first few days of your relationship with your new pet or during a retraining session, and you should achieve litter box success in no time.
  4. Proper Maintenance and Upkeep: KEEP IT CLEAN ALWAYS. Scoop the poop from the box at least once a day and clean it with soap and water once a week. Cats are finicky creatures, and many will turn up their noses at a filthy litter box. DO NOT OVER perfume or over scent the box, they need to know their territory, plus if they have allergies this could be bad for their skin, fur and nails.
  5. Keep training simple and kind: When training a cat to use the litter box it is not good to punish or scold him while he is in the litter box, since, as the Humane Society of the United States advises, this will almost certainly create a negative association with the box itself.
  6. Choose A Litter that works: There are MANY litters available on the market today. Decide what type you are wanting to experiment with and then let your kitty be the judge. You will know when one makes the cut by the reaction your kitty has. Be careful to look for allergies too, and read all the ingredients, the less in there the BETTER.

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