Celebrate Earth Day with Pet Treater and your sweet pets–what is Earth Day exactly?

Earth day began in 1970 as a way to demonstrate support for all things environmental. It’s a true testimony to our Earth how this celebration continues today with over 193 countries in accordance. Many roles are “grown” into supporting our Earth, and to help stop harmful depletion of our resources. So, let’s plant a tree, clean up liter on the road, help your local community garden or grow one of your own and let’s get our pets involved, one paw-print at a time!

So, what is a Carbon PAW-PRINT?

Animals, like us humans, leave carbon footprints, or in this case paw-prints. A carbon footprint is, “the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc.”

Well, we here at Pet Treater know our lives would not be complete without our sweet cats, dogs and other loving pets and their paw-prints. Thankfully for us, Earth Day celebrates BOTH—the love for Earth and the love of pets…..and we can learn to practice these surprisingly simple ways to make this Earth a sustainable and happy place to be EVERYDAY; and our love for pets can help us too!

Look for simple ways to reduce carbon “paw-prints” every day and promote our earth WITHOUT sacrificing the health and fun-loving spirit of pets:

We look to see the positive in all that pet parents and their pet babies do, so we see the carbon paw-print as a reminder of the love and loyalty our pets bring us.  But, we know that there are always ways to improve what we do!  Earth Day is a day to celebrate and remind us that our surroundings while often beautified are sometimes neglected and destroyed by us, and often without realizing the impact we play in this.  As with anything, we have an amazing ability to correct and learn, nurture and grow; and our pets can come along with us to make the world a better place, one paw at a time:

  • Use biodegradable pet waste bags on those fun-filled walks.
  • Make your own kitty litter-this is easier than you may think!  Shredded newspaper or third-class mailings to line those kitty boxes!
  • Shop smarter to reduce fuel in purchasing food for pets.  Maybe have a subscription sent to you with amazing products (snacks, food and toys) and buy in bulk for your pets–saves you trips and fuel as you are now stocked up!
  • Go Green when you clean-safer for your pets and you.  Cheaper and less abrasive and more natural, those are never bad things.  Vinegar and water go ALONG way!
  • Adopt from shelters and remember to spay and neuter.  This reduces the need to house pets in shelters and honestly it is the loving thing to do!

Earth Thrives when we keep it alive!

There are many ways to help make our Earth a greener place with thriving pet-friendly plants you can grow, agriculture—cultivate your own veggies, and taking care of our pets the safe way. 

Throughout your day, remember to embrace challenges and learn.  Take your dogs on a walk.  Spoil your cat with belly rubs and healthy treats. Plant a healthy garden with non-harmful fertilizers and chemicals. The list goes on….. 

Today and every day is the day to celebrate Earth and to recycle resources while doing away with things we may not need—can we say turn off the TV when you leave the house, pretty sure your cat doesn’t watch it when you are gone! 

You would be amazed how your pet simply needs you, every day, to love them and lead them the right way, the Earth-paw-friendly way! Happy Earth Day today and every day from Pet Treater, trust us your pet will thank you too!    

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Many purrs and barks,

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