Basket full of THANKFULNESS!

Every day of the year I am thankful for my doggie Prince. He is a joy, full of wonder and love. With the month of November being the host to Thanksgiving, we wanted to share a few of the reasons we are thankful for our fur babies–30 of them to be exact! Please come along and see how many you have on this list:

IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER, but ALL full of love: Here we go–

  • Snuggles: Warmth, loving, comfort-all there for your taking AND giving-FUR BLANKET anyone!
  • FREE entertainment: OH yes, let the shenanigans commence: daily, hourly, every second in our house! Butt wiggles for the kitties and toy destruction too! All for food and love they say!
  • Guards the home: Yes, even kitties do this. But the ever present sense of security, safety & protection is priceless!
  • Unconditional LOVE, hugs, and KISSES: Nothing is greater than being loved for the sake of, well, being loved. The wet kisses, knock-you over hugs, and love is all I need!
Thanksgiving: Thankful for my Dog

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my dog."SHARE" if you agree! If you are SUPER thankful for your dog, get them the Barkens Bucket of toys for the Holidays!

Posted by Sniff & Barkens on Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Love with all your heart, just like they do!!!
  • Energy: They take it away too, but mostly give it too you! Take that walk, appreciate the tug-o-war, love that energy!
  • Positive Actions: ALWAYS waking up in a willing and playful mood (maybe the kitties too–LOL) and always ready to make your day better! THEY don’t seem to run off coffee…hmmmmm?
  • Brings you CRITTERS?: Well, yes this is very important too–that mouse, that squirrel…..that old sock??? Well, it is the thought that counts!
  • Companionship & time: When all else fails, they are there for YOU. The positive health contributing comforts your pets give you is amazingly priceless! They literally help save lives and give all their time to you!
  • A sleep buddy: Sleep is so good for the soul…grab your fur baby and enjoy a good nap!
  • Finding joy: Every day is a day of joy for your fur babies. They make life simple and easy to understand–FIND your JOY; remember often it is only a bark or a meow away!
  • Consistency: Like all hoomans, most fur babies love their routines and consistency: food at the same time, certain blanket, wake-up fun times, chasing squirrels (well that may just be my doggie, but still).
  • Making their own Messes: Yes, they are your kids after all, thankful for the messes because we know they are around–even when you step on the bone that feels like a Lego!
  • Barking at EVERYTHING, especially that sketchy leaf at 2 a.m.: This “barks” for itself…
  • You get to SPOIL them: Pet Treater boxes anyone??? Give love, treats, and toys; it is the ONLY way to fur parent!
  • Traveling “FURiends”: They are usually quite fun to travel with–always ready to go and never complains where you end up!
  • They make your social media PUPular: How exactly? Well, we LOVE your INSTA pictures of ALLLLL your fur babies–Get it now!
  • Shirts are WAY better with fur babies on them: Seriously, we are thankful for our fur babies adorning our shirts and yours—they are pawsmazing!
  • Fur on EVERYTHING-couches, chairs, car seats, clothes, etc: Thanks for the fur love babies!!
  • Fun and Goofy Pictures they let us take of them–and post: Really, they are just so sweet to allow us to dress them up and take 500 shots in 2 minutes–what love they have for us!
  • Never complain about your food messes: Yup, they are always willing to clean it up for us!
  • Adoring and forgiving “PUPPY DOG EYES”: the bigger and sweeter the better, am I right?
  • Cats, thanks for the self cleaning: Wow, how nice is it to have a baby that keeps themselves clean!
  • Laughter: Our fur babies provide so much laughter and giggles, which as we all know is good for our heart and health!
  • Always happy to see you (well for the feline baby, most days): Tail wags, purrs given, and let the lovin’ commence!
  • Movie buddies: Whether it is a scary under-the-sheets kind of movie or a sappy love saga, your babies won’t leave ya! They are there for those long marathon movie days!
  • Friend Makers: Well, no pet lover can ignore another pet lover! They can help you make furiends of your own too–great ice breaker talking about the fur babies!
  • Helps you with work or homework: OKAY, so mostly they plop in your lap, crawl on your keyboard or knock stuff of your desk, but they mean well!
  • Play time with their hooman brothers and sisters or other family: It is amazing to watch your hooman kids play and respect their fur babies, it teaches love and respect–and the laughter is awesome!
  • They help protect & serve our country: Many dogs and even cats are instrumental in serving our country. Guard dogs, K-9, service animals for Veterans, etc. This is something to be VERY thankful for!
  • They complete the family photo: Honestly, our family photos would NOT be complete without Prince. Every day gets better because he is here to teach us how to love the doggie way!
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Many Thanksgiving purrs and paws,

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