Pet Treater ALWAYS looks to find the fun in life, especially fun with animals and all our fur babies! We have joined in a fun and creative partnership with Animalogic, an amazing YouTube Channel that really gets to the heart of animals! It is educational and great for the whole family!

Join us as we travel through these animal adventures together, learn about animals that really captivate and that we share our world with! Animalogic hosts new shows every Friday and their intriguing shows range from “How Bats See in the Dark:Echolocation: The Evolution of a Superpower” to “Vampire Deer The Evolution of the Ouch Mouth” to “Sand Cats: The King of the Desert” and many, many more.

Catch some Nebula enjoying her Pet Treater goodies on this amazing episode!

Pet Treater will be sponsoring three of the new shows coming up and we encourage you to take a look and learn some fun and interesting facts about the animal world, in the wild and domestic too.


As if the animals were not enough, an amazing part of the show is the hooman host, Danielle Dufault. Danielle is known for her scientific illustrations; she is a Canadian Paleoartist and technical illustrator from Toronto. She is also an in-house illustrator with the Royal Ontario Museum, and collaborator with the University of Toronto and University of Alberta. She takes the show to a new level and really engages you to want to learn and watch more.

Continue to catch Nebula and Danielle on an episode or two enjoying the Pet Treater spoils!

But, as with everything Pet Treater, we feel the true STAR of this show is the sweet Cat: Nebula. Nebula is Danielle’s gorgeous Bengal cat and we have it on good authority, she is a HUGE fan of her Pet Treater Cat Pack she receives!

We always look to treat and if YOU are not part of the pack yet, or maybe you are looking to gift to a fellow fur baby lover, check us out: Go to and use the Coupon Code ANIMALOGIC to get 50% off the first month of your subscription, does not work on TRY IT OUT NOW options.

Many purrs and barks and DO NOT forget to give Animalogic some love!

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