What is in a name? With all our children we need to pick the perfect name and for our fur babies it is NO different–how does one go about doing that, successfully? We also wanted to see some of the craziest and most unusual names out there for those sweet pet babies, and boy did we find some–read more and you will see!

AND……SINCE WE ARE GIVING THINGS–How about GIVING THE GIFT OF Pet Treater! It is always a treat!

HOW does one pick that perfect pet name?

  • Any distinguishing features that really pop out at ya? For example: an all black cat with white on the paws–BOOTS or SOCKS anyone–keep that in mind though while getting dressed or doing the laundry–LOL?
  • One or two syllable names often work best, as the fur baby can easily understand their name–remember, we will call it over and over again ALL DAY LONG–so The Boot Kickin’ Canine or RUMPELSTILTSKIN is probably not going to fly!
  • With multiple pets, make the sounds different so they can tell specifically who you are calling or speaking to.
  • Do they have a funny characteristic like skipping instead of running down the hallway? Maybe SKIP. A goofy or very high pitched bark, BOWZER.
I am all ears, and whiskers, and YOU have my attention!

UNUSUAL AND CREATIVE NAMES–and they break all the rules above:

  • Jabba the Butt
  • Winston Purrchill
  • Yeti Spaghetti
  • Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache
  • Farrah Pawcett
  • Whiskerus Maximus
  • Obi Wan Catnobi
  • Dr Bannana Pancakes Aka Cakes
  • Ozzy Pawsborn Francis
  • Monochromaticat
  • The Princess Sofia Bean The Third Esq
  • Tom Brady The Cat
  • Mrs. Meowgi

So this list could go on forever, we just ask ourselves how would you like to have Dutchess Mouse Mcmittens or Wilber Whiskey Von Doodle as your given name?

Do you have any any crazy names you have given your “kids” or did you keep to the old stand-bys? Some would say this helps identify your parenting style….I wonder!

GIVING NAMES AND GIVING GIFTS! It is that time of year, but honestly, any time is a good time to give and get a gift! We love to treat our fur babies and their parents….so come along and place that order: GIVING THE GIFT OF Pet Treater!
Getting the goods together: Give the Gift that keeps ’em tail waggin’ happy!

Many purrs and paws; have a SPOOKtacular Howl-o-ween,

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