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“Animals don’t go into space very often anymore,” Lewis says. “There are so few flight opportunities for a mission to include animals, so the project has to be pretty important to earn a spot on any trip into space. When animals do make the trip, their welfare is a key concern.”

Laura Lewis, a member of NASA Ames Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

OUTER-SPACE….a “furry” frontier? Well, BELIEVE IT OR NOT….YES!

So a little feline humor here…..MEOW! by Dastoli Digital

We won’t bore you with all the de”tails“….but know this, our furry companions have had an orbit or two in space throughout the generations.

The first animal to actually go into orbit was the dog Laika, launched on board the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft on November 3, 1957. This unfortunately, was a one-way trip only.

VITAL INFO…going where no man had gone before…..

It is amazing in history how our sweet fur animals have aided us–basically giving us vital info that we would have never had without them. It is also nice to know that there are measures now in place in the United States that help protect the life of animals from unnecessary trials and errors, even in space.

The timeline of animal space travel is extensive and the results are not always good for our fur babies. The History of Animals in Space illustrates the different animals that have circumvented the Earth’s orbit and other space exploration.

Looking for Change–REQUIRING safety for animals:

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The process over the years has changed in the United States and protection for animals is paramount. The United States Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Act and the Public Health Services Policy Act protects research animals and set minimum standards . NASA is now a HUGE proponent for the protection and safety of these animals too.

We enjoy focusing on the amazing results these precious pets have provided our space exploration and like to imagine their cute and sweet faces having fun in the stars while they were up there.

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To all those hoomans and fur babies that have floated with no gravity holding them back, we thank you for your sacrifice and commitment!

With Many Purrs and Paws,

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