Here at Pet Treater, Curly has always been a star in our eyes with his sweet demeanor and loving gaze. When talking to Curly (something normal around here) he always knows the right thing to say and 9 times out of 10 has the best answer of anyone in the room.

In Curly’s newfound social media fame he has remained humble and thankful for all of the love and support of his fans!   He has also agreed to participate in this interview for the sole purpose of getting closer to his supporters.


Q: What is your very first memory?


A: I just remember lots of furry brothers and sisters hopping around


Q: Did you always feel you were destined to do big things? Could you have imagined you’d be where you are today a year ago?


A: No, I mostly just wanted to snooze and eat treats! Now I have a busy schedule but at least I’m a part of getting great treats, toys and beds to other dogs so they can snooze and eat treats for me– you’re welcome guys!


Q: Curly, how does it feel being the pack leader for Pet Treater? How are you dealing with the fame?


A: I’m trying not to let fame go to my head – I still put my gold-plated diapers on one paw at a time.

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Q: What do you find to be your biggest challenge in working for Pet Treater? I’m sure it must be a lot of pressure maintaining your image in the public eye…


A: Constant photos – I have a love/hate relationship with the camera. There are a lot of photo shoots and when I have a bad hair day, it’s really bad, ya know, because I’m pretty much all hair.


Q: You’re such a busy guy…what do you do to blow off some steam? What’s your absolute favorite past time?


A: I go for walks, I once ate a bug – I got stuff I do.


Q: What is your favorite Pet Treater perk?


A: Getting to try out all those awesome pet treater treats and toys! It’s insane – they just give me all this stuff!


Q: If you could be any other celebrity, who would you be and why?


A: Frank Sinatra – I’ve always wanted to be a famous crooner and lady’s man – Oh, or Air-Bud because he can dunk.

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