And, oh the places we will go, with tails a’wagging behind us….

As springtime arrives, so do the many outdoor adventures to be had…and yes even for our sweet and sassy cats!  Many months spent near the fireplace and cooped up inside, allows for a brand-new world for our fur babies every spring season—The Great Outside

Even though my sweet dog gets to go outdoors all year long, even in the pouring rain against his better judgment, nothing is sweeter than the first blooms of spring, the vibrant colors and smells, and the mad dash to the door….full-throttle!

So what to do? Where to explore? We have made a list of purr-fect paw friendly places to go!

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Bring out the sunshine and the love: now that’s a spring play date!!!

With so many great activities that can include our fur babies, it is wonderful to live in a time where your animal really is family.  In celebration of the spring weather, Pet Treater decided to find some outdoor idea “treats” for your whole family to enjoy, two or four-legged, all are welcome!

  • Let’s go CAMPING! Your pooch and maybe the kitty will love it! Now, while a tent is great, you don’t necessarily have to “ruff” it, you can find pet-friendly cabins near a lake or great animal park.
  • Doggy paddle, a.k.a. SWIMMING.  Most lakes and beaches love to share the land and water with our four-legged babies…take them out and get them wet and you too.
  • Now for those that live in a more confined area, say a pet-friendly apartment, invite your neighbors and managers to have an “off-the-leash” day!  This could mean a picnic within a secure area to play tennis ball games or Frisbee and eat…of course…eat—treats are the best right??
  • Have a “work-fun day“…what do we mean exactly?  Dogs love fun and learning, but the combo, well that’s where it is at.  Get competitive and get learning with your animal, go to a dog-training class, gets you outside and gets your pooch learning and lets them show off a bit.  Now, you could try this with your sweet cat, but honestly, they already run the roost so good luck–I think petting is better suited to their needs!
  • Let’s FEEL THE BURN.  Work-Out together.  Running, biking, rollerblading, you name it your pooch will love it.
  • Let’s go shopping…!  Find some pet-friendly areas to shop, dine and enjoy the outdoors.  So many businesses invite your sweet fur babies in, cats and dogs alike, so take them up on their offer—get an outside table or inside!  Make sure to have a treat for your pet too; Pet Treater snacks anyone?

With seasonal change comes seasonal pests, so let’s protect our pets!

Make sure that you have the proper safety and prevention for your fabulous fur babies. All year round we need to protect our pets, but as the seasons change, the pests change and come out full force.

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Let’s take the time to smell the flowers….no sneezing!

Some helpful hints:

  • Our pets get allergies too, so know the signs: runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, excessive itching, dry skin, etc….yes it sounds like a commercial, but it happens. Reach out to your faithful veterinarian & confirm the best remedy to give your sweet pet.
  • Spring showers bring flowers, and more flowers….and some that are poisonous for animals. For example, the beautiful lily–gorgeous and fragrant, but potentially deadly to cats and toxic to pets in general.
  • Heat. With spring time comes increased temperatures. Keep your pets well hydrated and do not leave them in hot cars alone. My rule is if they can’t come in (where I am headed), they don’t get in (the car)!
  • Heart worm, fleas, and ticks….while it is important all year round…..most veterinarians agree the warmer months bring more outside activities for all, including the pesky bugs. Make sure you have your sweet fur-baby on the right prevention medicine.
  • Most animals like to travel and as the weather improves we move around everywhere it seems. If you transport your pet in a vehicle protect them–a proper carrier or protection device is strongly recommended.
  • Leashes save lives…..that should speak for itself. When you are on a walk, or outside a fenced area, protect your pet and others by having a safe, comfortable leash for them.
  • Spring cleaning–clean smart and with your animal’s health at heart. Dust off those shelves and scrub all you need to, but be wise with chemicals and other harmful elements during this spring cleaning!

Above all else, have fun!

When the seasons change, and it becomes the Great Outdoors, be prepared, be aware, and ALWAYS remember to make some pawtime adventures!

Many purrs and barks,

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