How often do you find your pup gazing out the window as if in deep thought?

Do you want to know what your fur child is thinking?

“Let’s go outside and play human!”

Chances are you could probably use some outside playtime yourself. Did you know that being outdoors can catalyze a feeling of awe, spark creativity, reduce stress and increase your health?! These all sound like great reasons, in addition to getting to see your pup happy as can be!

Listed below are 13 outdoor activities you and your pooch ought to do together! There are plenty of options here, so no matter where you live geographically, no excuses!

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1) Plan a camping trip

2) Go to the beach. Plenty of options here: running, Frisbee, swimming, picking up a date, etc

3) Take a boat ride

4) Try an outdoor movie

5) Train with your pup

6) Visit a national park

7) Built an agility obstacle course for your dog. Utilize it

8) Schedule a playful, outdoor photo shoot

9) Head to the dog park for a few hours

10) Create a fundraiser “walk your dog” event for a good cause and name it after your dog

11) Organize an outdoor BBQ

12) Find an open field and let them run free

13) Dine outside at a dog friendly restaurant

14) Go for a hike

The options for outdoor fun are limitless! Go outside and carpe diem, y’all

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