Monday Gives Us The Grumps!

Published by Miranda on

Well….it’s Monday again. Sometimes we try to put on a happy smile and get through it, but there are some days we just have to let the world know we’re GRUMPY! These pet’s are showing their grumpy (yet totally adorable) faces this Monday.

The “SURPRISE, Monday morning meeting” face.

The “why are you talking to me right now” face.

The “it’s too early” face.

The “warning! I’m about to snap” face.

The “I need more coffee before you say another word” face.

The “what are you looking at!” face.

So whatever face you are rocking today, just know Monday will be over soon. We can get through this together. Monday haters UNITE!

Sign your grumpy furry friend up for a Pet Treater July box today!


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