Go Away Monday!

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After a lovely weekend, we’re back to face another dreaded Monday. Maybe we can get through today with an extra cup of coffee and a good laugh?

Monday morning….you wake up looking like you were electrocuted in your sleep. How is hair like this even possible?!

You don’t remember hearing your alarm this morning….you must have got up before it went off. WRONG. You look at the clock only to see you are already late. You just stare at the clock….maybe you should just call in sick. #MONDAY

At work, someone brings in delicious cupcakes. You can’t have any cupcakes because you are on a diet….You stand there and have a battle between the pros and cons of cupcakes. Should you? Shouldn’t you? You ultimately decided that since it’s Monday…you deserve a cupcake.

Co-workers see you devouring the cupcake and ask if you are off your diet. For the rest of the day they will only receive one look from you… #foreverannoyed

Your entire Monday feels like you are on the verge of drowning in paperwork and meetings. Just keep swimming….you can do this!

Monday is coming to an end, and you have no clue what you got accomplished because you just tried to black it all out. Your boss wants to know if you have that big presentation ready….and you are just like…yeeaaaaasssss?

Good luck fellow Monday warriors! Stay strong!

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