The Cat’s Meow

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could carry on a conversation with our pets? While you might not be able to understand your feline friend, these are they key sounds to listen for to know just what’s going on in their little cute head:

1. Meowing

Cats meow mostly to communicate with humans, while kittens meow to communicate needs to their mothers. I can’t help but wonder if cat mom’s hear it like this:

2. Purring

The purr occurs when your cat is content and happy. They approve of you human, so be happy! Purring can also be a way for cats to comfort and soothe themselves when sick or injured. The equivalent to our favorite blanket and the couch when we aren’t feeling well.

3. Trilling

Cats learn these noises from their mama as a kitten. She uses them to get their attention, and to get them to follow her. Cat’s may use these cute little noises to get your attention, or just to say “Hello”.

4. Hissing

If you ever hear a cat hissing….run. This means their patience has run out, and they are DONE! No more petting, no more cuddles…..just leave them alone.

5. Yowling

This noise comes from a female in heat. The sound can mean “come on over lover boy” or it can mean “get away from me before I claw your eyes out”. Let the cats figure out which one is which, and keep your human self out of the mix.

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