The Morning Struggle!

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All aboard the struggle bus! No one likes to get out of their comfy bed early in the morning to face the day ahead. We’d all love to just stay in our cozy bed, and only exit the safety of our sheets for a cup of coffee and the occasional bathroom break. Monday can just start without us….

The struggle to get out of bed on a Monday (or any) morning is REAL! So real, that these poor pups are willing to cuddle up in a bed half their size just for a few extra ZzZzZs. We’d be doing the same thing in our office chair, but sleeping on the job is frowned upon. 🙁

This poor pooch can’t even handle the morning struggle. He’s doing his best, but those eyelids are heavy, and he’s about to go down for the count. This is kinda like us before our first 2 cups of coffee.

This little guy has the right idea! Once we make it through the long day, we finally get to return home to your glorious bed! Reunited and it feels SO good! #PJPARTY

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