5 Reasons Your Dog Is Smiling

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Have you ever looked at your cute pup’s face, and wondered what’s going through that little head of theirs? These smiley dogs make it simple for you by having the answer written all over their face!

The “I know where you hid the treats” smile! You thought you were sneaky but he knows exactly where you put them….and now they’re all gone.

It’s her “PRETTY PLEASE” smile. She knows this cute smile will earn her a car ride with the windows down. Get your keys…now.

The “I’m not up to anything” smile. As soon as you close the door to go to work, she’s going to have some dog gone fun! Butt scooting across the floor at 9am, a noon trash digging session, and a friendly game of chase the cat at 4:30.

He just farted and you got blamed for it. It’s his “payback” smile for all those times you pinned yours on him.

This is his “best day ever” smile. You took him to the dog park and his bestie happened to be there too. #Winning!

Happy Monday!

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