8 Cats With a Case of the Mondays

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Monday…it’s baaaack. You may have read how Monday drains all of our energy in last week’s post, but don’t forget about the dreaded “Case of the Mondays” it can bring! Even our furry friends can’t escape the wrath of a Monday morning.

1. When the weekend is gone, and Monday sneaks up on you like:

2. Everything is harder on a Monday. Like getting a drink of water.

3. Monday is quick to remind you that you didn’t stick to your diet this weekend.

4. When your boss asks if you are ready for the Monday morning meeting….that you forgot about.

5. When there is no coffee left in the break room, and you think about having to make it through Monday without it.

6. Everything feels like an uphill battle.

7. Alarms on Monday wake you up like:

8. You try on a million outfits, and nothing looks good.

We hope your Monday is off to a good start! Remember…the key to any successful Monday is coffee. Lots and lots of COFFEE!

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