Why We’re All Jealous of Our Pets

Published by Vantha Embry on

We love our pets, there is no doubt about that. We also love to pamper them as much as possible. BUT when you really stop to think about it, aren’t we all just a little bit jealous of how pampered they are…and the lack of pampering we get? Let’s take a look at how our furry pals are living the good life, while we’re stuck #adulting.

We wait on them hand and foot!

They want food, they get food. We even deliver it with some cute baby talk, an ear rub, and the promise of a walk later. Lucky….

They travel….FOR FREE!

We love having them as our trusty travel companions, but they certainly can’t pay the bill for that pet friendly hotel room. However, they do end up paying us back by being 100% adorable! Their one vacation picture gets us more likes than all 3 of our last selfies combine.

We brush them!

As humans we PAY MONEY for other humans to brush us and fix our hair all pretty. Our pets get this luxury almost daily (ok, weekly if we want to be realistic).

They get to sleep….all day!

If sleeping all day was an Olympic Event….our pets would take home the GOLD! As humans something happens the moment we turn into an “adult”, and all of our energy is instantly drained from our bodies. Our sweet pet babies get to lounge all day long, and we are forever jealous of that.

They look better in OUR clothes than we do!

Cool_Dog_Is_Cool170So one day you put your hat and necklace on your dog just thinking, “That’ll be a funny picture for Facebook”. Only to take the picture and see that you dog just ROCKED that look way better than you ever have. You can never be seen in that hat or chain….ever…..again.

They’re the life of ANY party!

You invited some people over for a little get together at your house. But here comes your pet only to steal all the attention away from your gourmet horderves and aged wine. By simply entering the room, your pet has become the center of attention….because they’re just that awesome.

So the next time you are feeling a little jealous of your furry companion, just know that you aren’t alone. Our pets are just too cute not to envy!

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