My dog saved my life…

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Before Eric met Peety, his doctor told him to buy a cemetery plot because he wouldn’t make it another five years.

Then, a dog Eric adopted from a shelter, changed his life forever, and Eric changed Peety’s!

The Humane Society Silicon Valley is profiling incredible stories like that of Eric & Peety through the Mutual Rescue initiative.

Watch the video below about the relationship between a man and his dog that is touching hearts all across America…

Have an amazing rescue story? We want to hear it! Share it with us at Pet Treater (we are always looking for amazing welfare organizations to help) and submit it to the Mutual Rescue movement:

We know that our Pet Treater customers know how amazing dogs are, but important programs such as this one are working to change society’s views of animals– to promote improved welfare for our furry friends. The passion is contagious! 

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