Meet K-9 Piper: This pup has skills!

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You’ve heard about “working dogs”- you know, the ones herding livestock, k9 officers, and bomb sniffers. But have you seen an airport dog?!


Meet Piper! Piper is a canine celebrity. This popular pup has been soaking up all kinds of media attention lately, and rightfully so! This pup has way more skills than you, and way more Instagram followers, too! (11.1k to be exact)


According to his handler, Piper works four 10 hour rotating shifts per week at the Cherry Capital Airport, but with lots of breaks of course. Piper helps keep the runaway wildlife and intruder free to protect the employees and passengers safety. This work comes naturally to him- Border Collies are known for their expert herding abilities!


Piper is one the only Wildlife Control K-9 in the state of Michigan, and one of less than 10 in the United States! Yeah, he’s pretty impressive. To follow this amazing dog and trainer team, as well as learn how to help programs like this succeed, visit Piper on Instagram or at the Airport K-9 website:

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