So, we thought it would be fun to mention some things pets do when their fur parents are away. Our pup Prince normally sleeps, but apparently there are some mischievous and creative dogs and cats out there….who knew??

Ever came home to see your favorite shoes destroyed or the pillow on the couch in shambles, well many a pet parent has. While we find those situations humorous for us, there may be an underlining issue with the pet to consider.

Often, they have anxiety or boredom they are contending with. One way to help them is to make sure to have a safe area for your pet, usually your dog, and let them know you will return. Have toys, soft bed or blankets available for extra comfort. Also, good idea to keep the “temptation items” in another room, if you can.

Now on to some fun photos/video and some real interesting “uh-oh” moments! Because, sometimes they are just being toddlers and want that attention:

via Xfinity

So as the story goes for our sweet lab above: his owners have probably told him not to drink from the toilet and he probably promised not to. But, as we always say, what they don’t know won’t hurt them… but we’re pretty sure they know!

What in the WORLD???


Well, it appears that our sweet fur babies know how to throw a tantrum too… is amazing how they make themselves known. My sweet kitties used to potty on my suitcases if they saw me packing for a business trip!

We are very interested to see those “fur baby tantrums” from your household. Send some of those candid pics to @pettreater and #pettreater, we love seeing the fun and……the messes WE do not have to clean up!

If you need a little reward for all those “messes”…a.k.a. presents they have made you; treat them to some Pet Winery, non-alcoholic beverages for your fur babies, cats and dogs! We have partnered with this amazing company for the month of love–they have ice cream too! Pet Winery.

Pet Winery

With many purrs, barks and messes,

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