When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween……

-Author Unknown

Let’s be real, watching that movie with your eyes half covered and butterflies in your stomach, well it is even better during the month of October–also known as “the bewitching month”!

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Because we care, and honestly LOVE to be scared, we compiled a list of some of the “furriest” spooky, scary, funny and intense movies starring our furry friends and other animals alike….choose a few to watch with your fur baby this month–it will serve for a fang-tastically good time!

Graphic Courtesy of Tumbler
  • Pet Sematary: The 1989 original still gets me going even today! We all love our pets, but this movie takes it to another level all its own! If you have never seen it, be prepared to see what happens when good pets and people go bad—make sure to check under your bed! BTW, Church the cat—scary!
  • Hocus Pocus: One of our favorites in our house. It is funny, creative, spooky and a movie the whole family will gather around to watch! A talking cat can NEVER be a bad thing….or can it??
  • Cujo: Stephen King never disappoints. Makes me scared to even sit in my car right now! Rabies are not cool, neither is having no food or water in the sweltering heat!
  • Frankenweenie: Seems we as hoomans have issues letting our best friends go? Tim Burton definitely darkens the mood in this animated “tail” now a classic!
  • Cat’s Eye: In this 1985 horror film, the cat General is a cat with a mind all his own…the adventures are eerie and the troll….well you got to watch it! For the record, it is a little weird….
  • Monkey Shines: Ella is crazy and this movie shows how rage can inflict anyone, even a monkey, and the damage it can do! Needles are NO GOOD either…
  • The Birds: Alfred Hitchcock, the mastermind director of The Birds, really knows how to set a scene. This movie is not for the birds, to be sure, but it really is a creepy movie because what IF it really happened? I mean birds of a feather….ya know!
  • Paws, sorry…Jaws: OK, so this is a stretch, of the jaw…I mean let’s say this is for the fish pet lovers out there. But honestly, many a people still can’t swim in the water because of this move. And, one just was not enough apparently, so they did 4….
  • Sleepwalkers: Crazy, shape-shifting cats movie that makes one wonder…what were these people thinking when they wrote this script. But, there are definitely elements in this movie to cause “paws”.
  • The Black Cat (1981): OK, we do not like the myth that black cats are bad, because they just aren’t, but this black cat takes murder to a whole different level.
  • Uninvited (1988):  A sinister corporation loses control of a house cat infected with a genetically engineered virus. Seriously folks, who is the boss here???
  • The Pack (2015): Well, this is a pack of wild dogs all gone wrong folks…..isolation at its best, survival of the fittest and smartest here–watch your back!

Let’s have a Howlin’ Good Time:

Howl ‘o ween Time… Courtesy of Maymo on You Tube

We love our pets and love having a scary good time! Happy Halloweenie to all our fur babies and their fur parents!

Boo-riffic good times!

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As always many purrs and paws,

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