Life gives us the opportunity to share many adventures and what better friend to spend it with then your fur baby! September proves to be the month to explore the great outdoors…..KEEP READING: we have some pictures to share of our Canine and Feline friends and their awesome “outdoor” style from their September boxes!

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What are some of the “wildest” ways to spend time outside, with your pooch and kitty?

  • Hiking-Always a tried and true way to get your cardio up and your legs moving! Hike those mountains and breathe the clean, fresh air! Remember to always pack safety gear for you and your pooch and to have plenty of water and food.
  • Walking-Still THE best way to break up the day or to give a kick start to the morning. Our doggie Prince LOVES to venture out and get his walk on-remember to leash your sweet fur baby, safety for him or her as you are walking! AND, for the record kitties love walks and YES leashes are acceptable for them too!
  • Take a Ride-OK, so not exactly “outside” but….the great outdoors can be seen–65 MPH and going by, the sightseeing is still awesome!!
  • Play Some Frisbee-Get outside, maybe not in the wild, maybe just your front yard, and throw that Frisbee and have some play time.
  • Go Swimming– in a pond/lake or by a waterfall! It is refreshing and it is a great way to share in the scenery. Our doggie loves to go hiking and jump in the lake….great way to get wet and wild in the great outdoors!
  • Take a boat ride-This gets you outside, wet and wild on the river, and lets you all experience the nice weather and scenery!
  • Garden it up-Sometimes your sweet feline just wants to lounge and pounce…and they LOVE high grass and flowers to do it in! Give them the gift of the “wild and crazy” flower garden!

Spending time with your fur baby is always quality time–making memories is never a bad thing!

September was Pet Treater’s “The Great Outdoors” themed box–and we had some amazing entries for our monthly picture contest–below are just a few of the amazing photos sent in:

Pet Treater loves to treat and to give some awesome ideas for quality time with your family and that means fur family too! Remember, we constantly have giveaways going on at our Instagram page and look for pawesome deals at our Pet Treater shop.

As always many purrs and paws,

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