August 08, 2019 is World Cat Day and we want to meow you all about it!

While most would think the Dog “rules the house”, in numbers that is, felines are actually higher in numbers per household. Seems, we cat lovers tend to love them so much we want two, three, or more cats at a time!

The more kitties the BETTER!

World Cat Day, also known as International Cat Day, is a celebration for a full 24 hours showing our appreciation and love for our purrfect babies!

This day celebrates our furry felines and the joy they bring to our lives. The holiday was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) along with other animal rights groups.

Cats provide health benefits for us humans???? With no prescription required even:

It’s been reported that cat ownership may improve mental health, provide emotional support, and alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. YES, cats make us LAUGH and bring us JOY-–No prescription needed!

Also, I don’t know about you but approximately 9,500 years of history loving our felines can’t be wrong……from royalty to loyalty (well sort of, they kind take care of their needs first….but we love them all the same!!)

@MiLokmat it is internationally known that CATS are AMAZING and SUPER funny!!!

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So, save the date for another great day to celebrate our sweet fur babies….enjoy your time petting your sweet cat, giving them yummy treats and remember to spoil them all day long…..because they already know they deserve it!

As Always Many Paws,

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