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Misfit Dog Project
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Let’s talk about THEM:  Those that LOVE and GIVE unconditionally for FUR BABIES!

Animals are very near and dear to my heart, and more than likely, yours too.  Often, our fur babies are what complete the family: I know without our sweet puppy, life would feel so empty! But what about those sweet fur babies that have no “family”……..

While I get the privilege of working for a company that LOVES to treat each fur baby with spoils and yum-yums, and those sweet pet parents too, we want to take a look at some incredible individuals and foundations over the course of the next few months that work selflessly behind the scenes….the heroes that truly bring the fur babies home and for the family who welcomes them—NOW THAT IS A TREAT!

Love knows NO bounds!

Meet Misfit Dog Project:

Officially receiving 501c3 tax-exempt status in November 2018, Misfit Dog Project did not waste a single second with their first dog pull from a shelter into their rescue in December of 2018.  As with many things, there are a great number of factors that go into pulling animals for rescue. But, we are thankful for Misfit Dog Project, for as their name suggests, they really look out for the amazing and loving “misfits” (the seniors and special needs dogs and sometimes even the occasional “honorary” dog–kitties and cats to be exact) that need extra love and respect.

How Misfit Dog Project Does It All:

Well….volunteers lead the way and save the day……Without volunteers, professionals and foundations willing to give time and resources, many pets would be lost, or worse….gone before their time.

Ariel “the honorary dog”

Misfit Dog Project focuses on helping animals who are seniors (over 7 years old) and have medical conditions that cannot be quickly treated by the shelter. They “have had many dogs with mammary tumors which develop because of birthing multiple litters and never being spayed”.  They have “pulled a heart worm positive dog, a few blind dogs, a blind and deaf dog and an 11-week old puppy who is vision and hearing impaired and has neurological issues that affect his balance”. In the current “honorary” dog category, they have a kitten, named Ariel, who was attacked by a dog at 5-weeks old and has lost the use of her back legs.

Tomorrow's $5 Friday will benefit Evie. Her first surgery, in which our vets will remove the tumor from her back, is scheduled for June 18th. Please consider donating to help Evie!

Posted by Misfit Dog Project on Sunday, June 2, 2019
This video shows what $5 Facebook Fridays can do–make a doggie happy (a tumor removed due to donations received!)

They do not currently have the resources to help any dogs with behavior issues and focus instead on animals with medical special needs.They work with 7 foster homes and definitely look for more that meet the criteria and needs of the foundation.  Feel free to reach out to them if you are local to the Eastern Tennessee area and have a open heart and open home to help there contact info can be found on their website at misfitdogproject.

Some of the amazing supporters and professionals that work with them include Dr. Bob Dennis of the Animal Clinic in Pigeon Forge, Dr. Morgan Detwiller of Townsend Animal Clinic, Petsense, PetSmart, and they have met with and have pull agreements with 33 different shelters in East Tennessee. They are members of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce also.
Peanut showing that 15 ain’t that old (in dog years that is!!)
Since January 2019, they have pulled 16 dogs from shelters with 8 fully vetted into new homes. They have several in foster home and also getting the medical care they need. And to think, they do this all without the traditional brick and mortar building!!!

Every pet has a story…..and we are thankful for the stories that Misfit Dog Project helps to re-write and we love being a part of it–knowing there are people out there that take care of those sweet pets that need extra TLC really is a great story to tell!

So many ways to get to know Misfit Dog Project and to help:

To help support Misfit Dog Project, please find them on FB @misfitdogproject (and join them on their FB page for the First Friday of every month donation campaign) and Instagram @misfitdogproject to watch for upcoming events, donation campaign, and maybe where they will be at next! And, you can easily donate to the cause via PayPal with consideration at

Check out our Pet Treater INSTA page frequently as we have many great promos going on–and be on the look out for OUR continued support for Misfit Dog Project!

Every story is worth telling!
Let’s make some

As always many paws,


Christina Newman · July 31, 2019 at 9:25 pm

I have been trying to find a older 6-7 up female basenji or miniature poodle mix of either. My rescue dog is 11 and has one cat to keep him company. He loves female dogs and we have looked everywhere for one. He is spoiled rotten and gets his Petreater box every month

    Erin Edwards · July 31, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    Are you looking to adopt another rescue or possibly foster? Misfit Dog Project is local in Eastern TN, however, I am sure they could help with resource referrals in other areas too. If you are local to Eastern TN, please contact them by going to their website and get their contact info or FB page and message them directly. They are amazing and responsive!

Amber Eldridge · August 5, 2019 at 6:32 pm

I love these huge hearted people and what they do! My girl found me while being fostered by Ronda with Misfits I was not looking when I bumped into them at the BBQ festival. Maggie is blind but oh how she sees with her ❤️. She was meant to be a part of our family and without these incredible humans and there huge fur baby loving hearts my lil girl would have not found her forever family. Thank You Misfits and Thank you Erin for letting other’s know about this wonderful organization.
Proud Mom of Maggie Eldridge forever a Misfit

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