We love showing off our sweet pets–see below for some of our fantastic “show-offs” modelin’ their July Picnic Themed bandanas from Pet Treater!

Presenting: Styjen Zinogre
Presenting: KODO

As you can see…..we have some PAWESOME models that honestly, we can’t get enough of! Every month we so love seeing the amazing photos that come to us, in fact it makes our job pretty hard–choosing winners that is!

Pet Treater works hard to add variety to the subscription boxes/packs that get shipped directly to the pet parents and their fur babies monthly. Why? Because, we all need variety and flavor in our lives! We strive to give creative themes, ones that may not be EXACTLY what you would expect!! AND WE love hearing about how these themes are LOVED!

PET TREATER wants to thank every pet parent that comes to us! We look to add value to your life, by giving time back to you and your fur baby! Front door service that the entire family can enjoy!

Do you have amazing photos to share with us after your monthly Pet Treater box is received, enjoyed and loved???...send them to [email protected] and receive 1 free item in your next month’s subscription box/pack just for sharing the love.

Not yet part of the Pet Treater Pack??? If you sign up now for a 6-month Dog Pack or Cat Pack subscription you will receive either a Free Dog Bed or a Free Cat Scratcher. **(item styles will vary with availability) **

Treat Your Dog
Treat Your Cat

As always, thank you for being the best part of Pet Treater!

With many Paws,

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