Pet Treater is always so excited when we can partner up with awesome companies that make yummy treats!

Ketler Dog Treats……they are making some treats let me tell ya! Pumpkin and Cranberry Mini Bones, Fish Parsley and Carrot Hearts, Cheddar and Bacon Flavor Chewies, just to name a few–got your doggy’s attention now?

What does Pet Treater look for:

When we work with other companies we look for them to have a love of pets, quality products, and enthusiasm to share and give to others!

Ketler Dog Treats, based out of Utah, definitely meets those standards and more. We are not veterinarians, but we do understand the importance of knowing what goes into your pet’s treats and food!

Ketler works with qualified bakers that create treats that are made with USA human-grade ingredients. That is pretty pawsome if you ask us!

Hey, they have Vegan/Vegetarian Treats!

Ketler also provides vegan/vegetarian treats. Why you may ask? Because one of the founders, Leisha, and her sweet doxie Drogo are vegans….so there ya go! They also have grain and wheat free options too!

Someone looks ready for treats the Ketler treat way!

Join us @pettreater on 06/10 for the beginning of our 3-day giveaway for some yummy Ketler Dog Treats!

Pet Treater looks to treat you and your pets throughout the entire year, so always be on the lookout for amazing giveaways and Pet Treater specific member offers!

As always many paws,

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