We know that your fur babies mean the world to you, and what better night to share in some fun with the whole “pack”. Invite those friends over with their pets and let the fur-broom fly!

  • Tricks or Treats—OK, time to show off! Take your pets outside, one at a time, and let them show off with their tricks. Then have them return for a treat. At the very end have everyone vote who the best TRICKSTER was and give them a toy (Pet Treater) provides tons of those!

Now you can teach some great tricks to your cats too, just maybe keep those parties separate from the dogs. The video below shows how to easily train a cat on tricks (it is the, “GIVE ME TREATS servant” training…you will see exactly what we mean)

  • Treasure Hunt—Arggg there mateys….hide some “booty” loot around the yard and inside the house and let your fur babies and their pet parents join in the treasure hunt!
  • Bobbing for Treats—Yes there appears to be a theme here at this party: TREATS! Aggressive babies aside, because they may not share well, fill several bowls with toys and let the dogies and kitties got for it! You can use treats but they could get soggy!
  • Costume Pawtest—As the names states “paw it up” in some crazy, spooky and funny pet costumes–don’t forget to parade them around and make it pawsitivly creative. Pet Parents, maybe you can match it up with them. Have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner and of course a toy for all the winners!
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  • Have an obstacle course—Decorate howl-o-ween style, and let ’em go! The fastest to the finish line wins–so ONE at a time and use a timer to see who the fastest finisher is and that is the victor!!! The ones who are smart enough to grab some of the creepy, crawly pet-friendly toys along the way get to keep them! Keep it safe and use only pet-friendly items. Use tables, chairs, sheets, etc. to make it crazy and maybe something to jump out and scare them…just a little–LOL!

Even though this is a spook-tacular blog for Howl-o-ween, don’t forget Pet Treater treats all year round and we have gift options available for those you want to share the love with!

Have a spooky Howl-o-ween,

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