5 Common Misconceptions About Pet Insurance

For many pet owners, their lovable companions are as valuable as any family member. So, naturally, when a pet gets ill or injured, there is great cause for worry and concern. Like with humans, health care for animals is vital, but it can also be expensive. You don’t want to put off a trip to the vet for vaccinations, treatments, checkups, surgeries, or other important care. But when the costs are high, it may be difficult for you to pay for your pet’s needs. 

Pet insurance can give you peace of mind and provide the support you need for your pet’s well-being. There are some aspects of this coverage that you should know about. If you have never purchased pet insurance, you may have some preconceived notions about what it covers and doesn’t cover. It’s helpful to be aware of what is true and false about these plans. The best pet insurance will help ensure that your pet has the attention it needs and that you don’t end up in a tough financial spot. 

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Pet Insurance Is Only for Older Animals

You would never forego purchasing insurance for a new baby or a young child. So, why would you shy away from insurance coverage for younger pets? While baby and juvenile animals are less likely than older ones to get sick or contract a disease, there are always health risks for your pets. Don’t take any chances just because your pet is only a few weeks or months old. 

Insurance for healthy, young animals is just as crucial as coverage for any pet. You’re better off investing in a plan now than discovering later that your pet needs expensive care or a costly surgery to correct a major problem. If you find out your pet is sick or has a serious condition and then buy insurance, the plan may not cover it. 

Pet Insurance Is Not Worth the Cost

Many pet owners who choose not to buy insurance do so because they are worried about how much they would spend on the plan. Some people fear that the monthly premiums exceed what they would pay for services at the vet’s office. The truth is that you can find affordable plans for just about any budget. And the savings you will experience will be well worth your efforts. 

In the long run, your financial investment can spare you a lot of financial stress and grief. Paying for operations to treat an injury or disease can be costly. With the right plan, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

A Plan Doesn’t Cover Many Issues

Another false idea is that good pet insurance only covers a fraction of the problems and needs your pet will have. What pet owners need to realize is that their insurance plan should take care of most of the care the animal will receive at the vet’s office. This includes vaccinations for rabies, heartworm, and other common diseases as well as annual wellness exams and preventive treatments. Some plans cover emergency care, too. 

Make sure you understand your plan when you buy it. Talk to a representative and discuss needs that your pet may have. You can find coverage that works best for you and your pet. 

My Vet Already Offers Coverage

It is true that some veterinarian offices have wellness plans for customers and their pets. These often cover wellness checkups and other basic care that the pet will need on an ongoing basis, such as vaccinations. 

What you may not realize is that these packages won’t do much when your pet has significant needs, such as care to repair a broken bone or treatment to care for serious conditions that affect the animal’s long-term health. Don’t let these plans fool you. Instead, purchase pet insurance so you can have peace of mind to know that you won’t be stuck paying huge bills for major services.

The Plan Won’t Allow Me to Take My Pet Where I Want

Another false idea is that you won’t be able to continue taking your pet to a certain veterinarian if you have pet insurance. The plan you select should not restrict where you go. If your pet’s regular, long-standing vet has a license to practice veterinary medicine, you should be just fine to keep going. With pet insurance, you can shop around for different providers if you’d like. But if you are comfortable with someone in particular, feel free to continue going for your pet’s needs.

Pet insurance can be a valuable asset to your pet’s health and your finances. If you do not currently have coverage for your pet, consider purchasing a plan today. You may have heard some negative things about pet insurance, but many of these notions are inaccurate. It’s clear to see how buying coverage can be beneficial now and in the future.

Guest article by: Isla Summers, review team member for thisoldhouse.


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