The Fourth of July is a wonderful time for celebration for the whole family to enjoy…..but, let us be mindful that some in the furmily can get quite stressed and concerned with all the festivities!

Every year around this time, the fireworks start to hit the skies and anxiety hits most of the fur babies! We wanted to list a few ways that may help them feel more safe and secure. Many dogs, and some cats, run away during this season given the stress and panic the fireworks induce, so ALWAYS be mindful of this.

  • An anxiety vest may work in some cases—if you don’t have one, try a snugly fitting t-shirt.
  • Something as simple as turning on some soft music and moving your pet into an interior room with no windows can be helpful.
  • Some people do administer medicine for calming. Never do this without consulting your veterinarian. Also, many people have went to CBD treats which tend to help calm as well. Austin and Kat and American Green both have amazing lines of treats for just that occasion. But, again, always consult your vet first!
Happy 4th of July From Pet Treater!

If your pet loves new and unusual things or literally has no “danger” radar:

Cats typically are a little smarter on the “danger” radar, but they sometimes get a little too curious too. But dogs, well they will eat just about anything: Fireworks contain several types of chemicals and heavy metals so keep

  • fireworks/wrappers/matches, etc. out of reach and thrown away securely.

Keep them home on the Fourth of July:

  • I know they are our children and we love to take them everywhere, but this may be a day for them to stay home if you are deciding to hit the big FIREWORKS action. Of course, there is always and exception to the rule, but for the most part pets can become disoriented and frightened and the excessive people around may just be too much for them.
  • Give them toys that keep them busy
  • Feed them early to help their stomach settle properly

We recommend to always have an ID tag on your fur babies too, this allows for their safe return home if they get lost!

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Have a safe and pawesome Fourth of July….let freedom ring!

Many purrs and paws,

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