If you’ve been shortlisting dog-centric activities to enjoy this coming summer, look no further than the trendy dog yoga—or doga. Whether you’ve noticed or not, your dog naturally partakes in yoga poses every day!

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More than just a fad, doga is something you and your dog can engage in together to improve your relationship, get some much-needed exercise, and step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

If you’re learning about doga for the first time, here is what you can expect. 

It Gives You an Opportunity to Bond with Your Dog

Novice pet parents may find it challenging to establish a relationship with their new dog. Fortunately, doga is an excellent way to create trust and fine-tune your flourishing bond. 

Calm and reflective, doga provides ample opportunity to connect with your canine companion and correct aggressive behavior.

It Makes for Good Exercise

Doga can keep you and your four-legged friend in shape.

Stimulating for both humans and animals, doga is a suitable alternative to other training methods and can improve physical strength and flexibility. 

Do you have an older dog? No problem—doga is a great way to encourage senior animals to engage in everyday activity. 

It Can Improve Specific Health Conditions

Doga improves health conditions in animals the way regular practice enhances human health. 

For instance, if your dog is suffering from deteriorating gut health, you can supplement its sensitive diet with daily doga. By reducing stress and improving blood circulation, your dog is less likely to experience stomach problems. 

Similarly, pets with joint issues will also benefit from a daily dose of downward dog. In reducing tension, dogs and humans alike can improve flexibility, eliminate joint pain, and build muscle. 

It Connects You to Like-Minded Owners

Socialization is enriching; be on the look out for studios hosting these classes and enjoy!

If you can manage weekly in-person doga classes, you can enjoy a greater sense of calm, surrounded by owners with similar interests. 

Socially anxious dogs can learn to familiarize themselves with strangers and react accordingly. However, you’ll first want to consult with a veterinary expert before introducing your dog to unfamiliar territory. 

It’s a Stress Reliever

Stress can encourage all sorts of negative behavior in a dog. From digging and howling to picky eating and aggression, there are no characteristic doga can’t correct!

An hour of doga a day can do wonders for a hyperactive or overly anxious dog. Humans can also enjoy its calming effects and dedicate more significant awareness to the present moment. 

The Bottom Line

We already know dogs drastically improve our lifestyles—so why not improve theirs? 

By introducing a daily activity such as doga, you can correct unwanted behaviors, enhance your pet’s overall health, and enjoy hours of uninterrupted bonding. 

Remember to always consult with a veterinary expert before allowing your dog to partake in new physical activities. Doing so can help maximize its benefits and make for more enjoyable sessions together. 

Article courtesy of Mike Powell, an avid dog lover, training professional, and the founder of Dog Embassy. He provides accessible resources on pet care, nutrition, and gear for new and old pet parents. 

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