Teaching a dog new tricks can be so fun and rewarding for both of you. It allows a bonding to happen that really cannot be compared. It also allows your fur baby some mental stimulation that truly brings them joy. Plus, what fun to show off their tricks with your friends!

Bang Bang!!! Video Courtesy of Samantha
  1. When a kiss is not JUST a kiss: An easy trick to be sure, as dogs are very loving usually and LOVE to lick. By putting a little treat on your cheek and adding the command for “kiss”, you’ll soon be able to get all the affection you want from your dog on demand! This will also help to alleviate unwanted licking too!
  2. Let’s Back it UP: Back up is fairly simple to teach a dog. All you need is some patience and a handful of treats. You can quickly train a dog to back up a few steps when you give the command. This trick is good for obedience too: once your dog knows how to back up on command, you can use it to keep it from rushing out the door, crowding you at the refrigerator, or just to entertain your friends.
  3. SPEAK up: Well let’s be honest, our fur babies already know how to speak, some are more vocal then others to be sure. Training a dog to speak is fun and it helps to solve a problem a lot of dogs have: anxiety, boredom and unnecessary random barking at NOTHING.
  4. The friendly Wave: Training a dog to wave hello or goodbye is a fun and fairly simple dog trick. Start by teaching them how to shake paws then turn it into a wave. It is a fun and friendly trick!
  5. Play Dead I said: Teach the word “bang” for this fun trick to work. Your friends will be tickled and so will you. Your dog will have fun doing it too! This means allowing “laying down on the job” to be OK.
  6. And let’s Take a Bow: Taking a bow is a dog trick which involves having your dog put its chest to the ground while keeping its rear end up in the air. It may sound difficult but truly most dogs love this position for a good stretch and it is a natural position for them. Most trainers call it a play bow and most dogs do it when they are playing together. Remember us hoomans can play it with our fur babies too!

However you decide to train and play with your fur baby, have fun and be safe how you do it. Make sure they are in comfortable surroundings and that you can focus with them to really get the best out of the experience.

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Many purrs and barks,

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