It’s a known fact that dogs and our feline pals have a long-standing reputation as rivals. But, that is not always the case as some dog breeds can live happily with cats and even become pals if they grow up together. There are numerous dog breeds that can naturally get along with cats, while others can’t. Either way, you should be very careful when introducing them to each other. So, here are some large dogs that are cat friendly.

10 Large Dogs That Are Cat Friendly

1.   The Great Pyrenees

Despite its huge size of over 100 pounds, the Great Pyrenees is a patient, loyal and calm dog even with small-sized animals. The Great Pyrenees was bred as a guard dog, and it can be watchful over its flock, which can include your cat and even you. The Great Pyrenees is a quiet and tolerant dog that won’t hesitate to defend all the pets and livestock in your home. And provided you separate their feeding places, the Great Pyrenees can get along with cats and even defend them in case of danger.

Image by April Anderson from Pixabay

2.   Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the most cat-friendly dog breeds on the planet. The Golden Retriever is a kind and empathetic breed that is always ready to become a part of your family, and this includes getting along with your feline pals. This breed responds well to training and is always eager to please, so you should let your Golden Retriever know that your cat shouldn’t be chased. Plus, they love getting along and becoming pals with everyone; therefore, they can even befriend your cats.

3.   Newfoundland

Newfoundland is one of the largest dog breeds to be paired with cats. Despite its massive body, this breed is generally a kind and protective dog that gets along with most small-sized creatures, including cats. Therefore, instead of hurting the cat, a Newfoundland is more likely to become its protector. This breed is surprisingly gentle, protective, loyal, and friendly.

However, even though they might not intentionally harm your cat, their huge bodies pose a significant threat to your cat. Therefore, proper training and supervision are mandatory until your dog understands their size difference.

4.   German Shepherd

German Shepherd is considered to be one of the smartest dogs on the planet. However, their instincts can get in the way of intellect when dealing with felines. Due to their strong need to chase, distinguishing between prey and play can be quite challenging for German Shepherds. But with early socializing, this breed can grow up to be perfect around cats. Plus, with proper training, your dog will know how to behave when playing with cats.

Just make sure your dog understands numerous commands, including stay, sit and leave it before you introduce it to your cat. And make sure they feed near each other; this way, your German Shepherd will associate the smell of the cat with food.

Image by Janina Suuronen from Pixabay

5.   Collie

Collies are generally bred to herd. This breed can herd cattle, sheep, small kids, and at times even cats. Collies love children, and for some, this affection extends to the felines. Most Collies can get along with cats immediately, while others will need some training and early socialization. This depends on your dog’s herding instinct, age, and temperament. So, before you start leaving them alone for an extended period, make sure they trust each other.

6.   Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are outgoing and kind dogs that get along with every creature they meet, regardless of species. The Labs are intelligent, eager to please, and gentle. They are playful creatures that love to snuggle, just like cats. Therefore, with proper training, they can be pals and even cuddle on the couch. However, the introduction process should be very slow, so take your time and do it correctly. Wait until they have become pals or used to each other before you start leaving them together in the house.

7.   Shetland Sheepdogs

Despite being a popular herding dog, the Shetland sheepdog gets along with cats. The Shelties are easy to train, intelligent, playful, and gentle creatures that can adapt to sharing the house with a cat. Just like all breeds, it’s ideal to introduce it to a kitten at a very young age and then allow them to grow up together. Plus, with proper training and patience, the Shelties can even become pals with the family cat. But make sure you take your time when introducing your dog to your cat.

8.   Bernese Mountain Dogs

This Switzerland dog breed was bred to tackle a wide range of farm jobs, including herding cattle, pulling milk carts, and even acting as watchdogs. And despite its huge and fluffy body, the Bernese Mountain dog has a calming personality. This breed gets along with cats, children, dogs, and even strangers. However, make sure you start training them at a very young age and introduce them to cats when they are both young.

9.   English Setter

This breed is known and loved for its unique sense of smell and memory. The English setter is a gentle dog that can get along with other pets, including cats. This highly energetic breed requires a lot of exercises to stay relaxed and calm. And since it doesn’t have a prey instinct and get along with everyone, your cat will be safe with the English Setter.

10.   Poodles (Standard)

All Poodles, despite their sizes (Standard, miniature, and toy), get along with cats. Poodles react differently with cats, with some merely tolerating their presence and others playing with them. Therefore, early introduction and proper training are necessary. But in most scenarios, your cat can easily get along with a poodle, and they might even become pals.  

Final Thoughts

Most huge-sized dogs were bred to either hunt or herd cattle; therefore, their first instinct when dealing with small-sized creatures is to chase them. However, there are some huge dogs that are naturally protective of their family members, and this includes the cats. And with proper training, some huge dogs can learn to live peacefully with cats and even become pals. But make sure you introduce them to each other at a very young age.

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