It’s incredibly tempting to put your pet in that oh so cute unicorn costume or that really fun Batman costume with the cape. Still, we need to slow down as responsible pet owners and consider our pet’s safety and comfort level first. 

Halloween is a fun holiday filled with treats, and we want our pets to have just as much fun as we are having! Today, we are breaking down seven tips for picking out an awesome and safe Halloween costume for your pet this year. 

Avoid Choking Hazards

Take a close look at all potential costume choices for anything small or dangling. Assume that your pet can and will get ahold of these tiny bits and attempt to rip them off, which may lead to them chewing and swallowing them.

If a costume has many small pieces, like beads or things that aren’t firmly adhered, steer clear! 

Check for Mobility 

Your pet should be able to move freely in their costume. Ensure that your pet can comfortably move, bark, meow, hear, and see in their outfit. You don’t want them to miss out on the Halloween fun with an overly restrictive costume! 

If your pet freezes when you put their costume on, try using treats or toys to coax them into moving. This will reassure them that they have plenty of room to run and play in their costume!

Choose Bright Colors

Halloween is a holiday mostly celebrated at night and often outdoors. We recommend choosing a costume with bright colors or reflectiveness so that your pet is easily seen. If you’re planning on taking your pet outside, a highly visible costume is a must so that people can easily see your pet and avoid stepping on them. 

Keep Your Pet’s Head Free

Many pet costumes come with adorable hats. However, you’ll find that most pets do not enjoy wearing hats, especially if they have elastic around the neck or on top of the head. 

Watch for signs of discomfort, such as a tucked tail, hunched posture, avoiding eye contact, and folded down ears. 

It’s probably okay to put your pet in a hat or mask for a quick photo, but take it off for the rest of the night if they show any signs of discomfort. 

Prepare For The Worst 

Whether your pet is staying inside all night or going out trick or treating with you, double-check that their tags are secure and up to date. Halloween can be overwhelming and stressful for our pets, and they may be more prone to bolting. 

Take a moment to make sure their ID is up to date and keep them close to you on a short leash while walking. If they’re staying indoors, check that your windows and doors are secure and give them a safe, quiet place to hang out. 

Is Your Pet Comfortable?

You know your pet better than anyone. Use this knowledge to assess their comfort level with their costume. Are they fidgeting, trying to pull part of it off, or especially impatient?

Don’t force them to wear it! 

No costume, no matter how cute, is worth your pet’s discomfort.

Simple May Be Better

If your pet is uncomfortable, opt for a simple bandana, bowtie, or ribbon instead. Look for one-piece costumes like a vest instead of a complicated costume covering most of their body and head. 

We promise your pet will still look adorable, and better yet, they’ll be grinning ear to ear as they have fun with you!

We wish you and your pet a fantastic Halloween this year! Don’t forget to treat your pet this Halloween with their very own Pet Treater subscription box filled with many delicious treats and toys (tricks not included!). 


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