We here at Pet Treater cannot express enough the love we have for Eastern Tennessee; the rich history, the friendly people, the amazing foods, a.k.a food trucks (yum), home-town music and the many events for the whole furmily to enjoy.

Hannah Fatheree, the Events Manager with Explore Oak Ridge and some of the amazing team with Explore Oak Ridge!

This past weekend our family got to enjoy Cars For Canines, an amazing event for the love of pets and family and the enjoyment of amazing cars. Honestly, most would say it is a perfect combo, that coupled with the amazing food and Southern hospitality, we truly just enjoyed the day.

The event was hosted by Explore Oak Ridge, the local one-stop information shop for all things Oak Ridge, TN. Many may not know that Oak Ridge is steeped in American history as the once secret city that helped end WWII. The museums there alone would take several days to go through and the different areas to walk through.

The Cars For Canines event looks to become an annual one, and by the turnout and the festivities we saw, we think it is definitely a home run! There were many food trucks, great music, the cars were so amazing, and Smoky Mountain Dock Dogs kept the day “barking” as they hosted several dock diving events. The canines were of course the stars of the show, there were too many to count, but we loved on all we could for sure.

Smoky Mountain Dock Dogs causing a splash!

We are thankful for this amazing event as it gives back to the animal community. The event was a fundraiser for the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter and Anderson County Humane Society. We here at Pet Treater cannot get enough of the organizations that help our fur babies and when it is near our own back yard, well you better believe we support however we can!

If ever in Eastern TN or looking to day trip out here, look up Oak Ridge, it is the small town with BIG history and obviously a love for the fur babies! Don’t forget to let Explore Oak Ridge be your travel guide!

With many purrs and barks,

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