So, Pet Treater just loves to share in the world of dogs and sweet cats too, in so many different ways, and we feel that dog and cat podcasts are totally something to “bark” and “meow” about!

We are excited to be a part of some amazing podcasts via Pet Life Radio, and we love seeing all the excitement and help they bring to the listeners of these podcasts. Why Podcasts though, and why dog and cat Podcasts for the average pet household/family/person?

A podcast is similar to a talk show and definitely helps illuminate many different topics in our world today. Podcasts can definitely help parents learn different things about their sweet fur babies.

These podcasts are often hosted by experts in their field and it is amazing that one can listen to them and share in their experiences, while learning so many different ways to:

1) take care of your fur baby,

2) different ways to help keep them healthy,

3) fun things to do with your pet,

4) ways to stay safe with and around pets,

5) ways to find info on awesome pet products and solutions. Often find a coupon or two to save some money, and

6) helpful question and answer sessions that can usually be found in the comments or in the next podcast episode! And much more…..

Another great part of podcasts is the undeniable humor that can be found in the majority of the hosts, and I know I love listening to them, they make the day a little better!

Keep a listen, as you may hear some pawesome news about Pet Treater on these podcasts below and ones we support and love to listen to ourselves:

1- It’s a Doggy Dog World: They talk about ALL THINGS DOG: Large, small and in between; purebred dogs, designer dogs and mixed breeds. They also talk about the joys (and hassles) of living with a dog because we share our lives with dogs.

2-CATTITUDE: “Love learning about all things cat? Cattitude is an informative podcast on our feline friends with interviews and product reviews”.

3-Oh Behave: A pet and behavioral podcast that helps keep harmony in the home! This one is for everyone too: people, cats and dogs!

Remember, Pet Treater loves to treat:

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Many purrs and barks,

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