It is that time of year again, and although this year definitely has an interesting plan for returning: BACK TO SCHOOL still must commence! For the most part, the kids are happy they get to see their friends and teachers, the fur baby left behind may not be so happy though.

Let’s consider that the fur baby has had the kids around even longer than normal in 2020, playing, swimming, laughing, sleeping together (as cats do); so the separation anxiety and sadness can definitely creep in faster and longer than normal.

Cannot BE ANY MORE excited for their little hoomans to be home from school! Courtesy of Funny Videos

What are some helpful ways to keep our furmily on track and happy AND safe:

  1. Keep that doggie occupied: Let’s be real, a bored dog is often a destructive dog! If you are gone throughout the day with work or running errands, think of asking a friend to come and walk your sweet doggy and give them some attention, or even hire a caring pet sitter if needed. TOYS, TOYS, and more TOYS too….have some Pet Treater toys on hand, fortunately for you we send them out MONTHLY!
  2. Keep your dog social: This word means a lot nowadays, social. But, keep them social, let them get outside and be active with other dogs/pets. Even if it means going next door to your neighbor who has a dog and chatting it up, let the dogs “out” and remember exercise is good for the soul too!
  3. Safety, keep you dogs on a leash first thing in the morning as the household is getting ready for the school day, primarily if your dog tends to bolt or follow your children. Once the routine is more settled all should be fine, but remember their best friend is leaving them!
  4. Believe it or not, the cats get affected too–safety again….as with the dogs, make sure they do not slip out in the morning hustle and bustle….make sure they are occupied and not near the exit….when the day gets started it is always a lot of in and out of the doors and we don’t want the fur babies to get out. occupy with some cat nip or just in another room until all is calm!
  5. Your cats get bored too, they spray and scratch in frustration sometimes, so they need to be given some extra TLC too. Have some interactive toys if your cat gets bored easily and has an active mind. We have found that PetCube is extremely helpful for relieving anxiety in high strung pets, if you are gone a lot this can be a life saver.

At the end of the day, we know that nothing can take the place of your fur baby’s hoomans, but until we can get the fur baby into the student’s classroom, we have to help make the best of it for all involved.

We love to treat and love to treat the fur baby! USE CODE: BACKTOSCHOOL to receive 50% off your first month on ANY Pet Treater subscription. Not valid on TRY IT OUT options.

Many purrs and barks,

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