National Change A Pet’s Life Day!

So, pets are pretty amazing and we are pretty lucky to have them. They give that unconditional love and honestly put up with us when no one else wants to! Pet Treater is thankful for all those pet parents, rescues, shelters, foster parents, and vets that just care for those animals and give them the love they need!


VOLUNTEER your time: Time is the one thing in life that really shouldn’t have any other price tag except PRICELESS if it is given with NO strings attached! Go out and walk the dog at the park, play with the kitties in the shelter, they NEED and want your love. Hopefully, they are only without homes for a short time, but during this time they love the companionship and you will love providing it!

Change it UP: If you are blessed to be the pet parent of a wonderful fur baby or several of them–congrats! Now, change up the routine, give them different scenery, even the kitties, maybe just get them outside, let them explore. Variety is the spice of life!

SPONSOR or DONATE to a shelter: Sometimes fostering or adopting yourself is just not in the cards at the moment. Think outside that box and DONATE to a shelter or SPONSOR a pet. There are many available to work with, national, regional or right in your own community! I personally love and spread the good work about Purrs N’ Pups Animal Rescue

SHARE YOUR PET’S STORY: By sharing stories of our amazing furry friends we are creating a dialogue about animals. Did you rescue your pet? How has that changed your life? Our fur babies have stories to tell and until we get keyboards and pens that work with their paws, it’s up to us to spread the word and raise awareness for shelter animals, foster pets, and how others can help change a pet’s life today and every day!

ADOPT OR FOSTER, AND ENCOURAGE FRIENDS TOO! Well this is a no brainer! If you can and have the heart to: PLEASE adopt don’t shop. Remember adopting or fostering is a responsibility, make sure you are committed to all of it. Pets are full of love and warmth, but require care and protection and consistency!

Remember, love those pets and protect them and make a change for them EVERY day!

Many purrs and barks,

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