WHY WAS Unchain a dog Month created?

Being tethered for long hours is detrimental to their physical and psychological health. Unfortunately, many dogs across the globe live in chains, in backyards, in cramped spaces, sometimes battling extreme cold or heat.

Unchain A Dog Month was created to spread awareness about these conditions. So, encourage people to bring the dogs in this winter. A home is where they belong.

HOW can we help?

  1. ADOPT a dog: this will help get them out of that shelter, rescue, or that confined area! We at Pet Treater are all about CHANGE– rescue a dog that is forced to spend its days chained, confined or is unwanted.
  2. Have a leash-free party: make it a neighborhood party, get some treats and party favors and turn up the music, how about “who let the dogs out”!
  3. Offer a doggy day in or out: Watch a neighbor or friend’s dog and get them off the chain, or out of the cold.

WE need to do this because?

  1. We are all free, even our sweet fur babies. They are born free. They should be loved and cared for! So UNCHAIN them and let them be FREE! Now, keep in mind safety for them and do not let dogs that roam or runaway, outside unprotected!
  2. Dog is still man’s best friend, and woman’s best friend too! Dogs have proved to be loyal and loving. Excessive tethering is cruel and makes dogs aggressive resulting in unpleasant incidents.
  3. Dogs help make us human! Dogs truly bring the best out in us! Without dogs, and their unconditional love and forgiveness, we as people would be a “not so friendly group of folks”! Make their life better for them…keep them free and safe!

UNCHAIN and let them REMAIN free and loved!

Pet Treater loves all animals and we strive to make their lives better, share awareness, and share fun and love!

Treat that sweet pet in your life with some RAD treats from Pet Treater:

With many purrs and barks,

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