It is COLD outside and we love to provide amazing ways to warm up not only your paws, but your belly too! We found a soulful chicken soup recipe and thought, “hey we can do this!” Best part of this recipe, it is “hooman” friendly and fur baby “approved”. Remember to modify to suit the needs of your fur baby, cat or dog!

How do you keep extra warm during the winter? Especially after the howl-i-days are done and the tree and fixin’s are all put away?

Video courtesy of Gone to the Snow Dogs

Keep your fur baby warm this winter:

PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket,
Multiple Sizes for Dogs & Cats. [Reversible Micro Plush]. 100% Soft

Animals/fur babies do so much to warm our hearts and souls. They are amazing, intuitive and just seem to know when we need that extra love or companionship! It is a good read and so worth the time, I personally love this book and have it on my book shelf:

However you choose to keep warm this winter, remember your best furiends and all the love they give us!

As always many purrs and barks,

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