About 68% of American households, and 85 million families, own a pet and 37 percent of pet owners take their animals on their trips, compared to 19 percent about 10 years ago…..

Survey provided by American Pet Products Association

Traveling with the family, especially during the holidays, is nothing new, but traveling with your fur babies is definitely on the rise!

While many people still search for a great doggy and kitty “pet hotel” or pawesome pet-sitter accommodations for their fur babies while they travel–pets are going along for the ride….for the fly or the train adventure, more then you would expect!

We at Pet Treater love to offer great info for our pet families–and we feel that some “treats” can’t be found in a box, even though we think our boxes are pretty great—but, they are found with time spent with family!

Carriers are the safe way to travel….but this baby needed some fresh air!

How do we do it? Flying with your Pets:

One great resource we stumbled onto for traveling with the whole family was found on Rover.com. This site gave more direct insight for flying with your pet then I knew was out there–the resources are amazing and the info breakdown much appreciated!

While Rover.com specializes in taking care of your pet while you travel, away from your home for the day, or if they need an extra walk: they have kindly given us some great resources for traveling with your pets–because they think as do we that family is important! Rover put together this list of popular airlines and hotels along with their pet policies to help you make the best travel decisions for you and your pets….see their blog here. The blog includes searching airlines and hotels to help plan your travel!!

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While Traveling in a Car:

  • Buckle Up: Seat Belts for Dogs
  • Crates: A Home for the Road
  • Barriers: Keeping Your Dog out of Your Lap
  • On the Road Again: Take Breaks
  • Hot Dog: Check the Temperature in the Car
  • More info on the blog….From The Dog People powered by Rover.com

Pets Traveling by Train:

Traveling by a train may be safer for some breeds of dogs and more complimentary for your feline baby. We looked to millionmilesecrets.com for some safe traveling tips and train lines that welcome your fur baby! Their train guide is full of tips and best practices for you to refer to.

Whatever your travel plans are this year, always remember to check with your vet prior to beginning travel, they can confirm the safety guidelines for your sweet pet.

Safe and happy travels,

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