Distance be Dogged–Bella is going home in Sony Pictures A Dog’s Way Home and Pet Treater gets to go along!

This image released by Sony Pictures shows Jonah Hauer King with Shelby, who portrays Bella, in a scene from Columbia Pictures’ “A Dog’s Way Home. (James Dittiger/Columbia Pictures – Sony via AP)

Sony Pictures A Dog’s Way Home and Pet Treater are on an amazing journey; one that partners the amazing 400-mile journey of a loyal and faithful dog named Bella to her humans and Pet Treater’s monthly treat boxes headed to homes around the country—what could be better?

A Dog’s Love Truly Knows No Bounds

Most of us have probably seen this wonderful movie or at least heard about the inspirational story of Bella, and her determination to get home to her human family against all odds.  Many people today suffer with various aliments or a debilitating emotional or physical diagnosis; fortunately for us our pet companions are able to help.  In this heartwarming “tail” of one animal’s need to protect and dedicate herself to her family, we see how beneficial pets truly are to us and us to them.

Bella, an amazing animal to be sure, is not only a companion for her human, but also becomes a VA’s emotional support pet and is able to help out Ashley Judd, her human’s mom, who has P.T.S.D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

Life is an Adventure…All the Way!

The story is an adventure, a testimony as if to see it through Bella’s eyes—the love she has for her fellow man and woman and what she is willing to do to return to them.  With no intent to give away this wonderful movie’s journey, we are so thankful for the vision of author W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose, from which this inspiring movie is based and Sony Pictures willingness to see a story that should be told, actually be told.

To watch this story unfold is truly an adventure worth sharing. We at Pet Treater already know how wonderful pets are which is why we love to treat them so much…but it is exciting to watch a movie that encompasses what we all hope our fur-babies would do for us….live an adventure and love us so much they would always come home! 

Haven’t seen a A Dog’s Way Home or want to see it again: Click Here

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